Software update…

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Just a quick upgrade to more current software – which changed the entire look of the blog, and lost some of the features installed. *sigh*

I need to figure out how to re-install at least a few of the features that were here before.




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I just realized that I changed the image at the top of my blog from a B-52 on takeoff to Mt. St. Helens without mentioning it.

Recently a group of Scion owners here in the Pacific Northwest gathered for a “cruise” to the Mt. St. Helens observation center on Johnston Ridge, followed by an excellent BBQ and potluck picnic at Seaquest Park on our way back to civilization.

A fine time was had by all, and many quite excellent pictures were taken. I even took some pics.

One of those pictures I took was a panoramic view of St. Helens, a small version of which now graces the top of my blog.

Hope you enjoy it.



Why a B52 at the top of the page?

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Anyone looking at this page probably noticed the B52 at the top. Why a B52?

The original pic that came with this sample “Theme” was a very oddly colored pic of a vehicle of some sort coming through a tunnel – just not quite me.

“So,” I said to myself, “what sort of pictures do you have in your HD that might be interesting across the top of a blog?”

I took a look and came up with that B52.

It’s not the model (B52F) that I worked with for two years in the Stratecic Air Command (SAC), it’s either a B52G or H model (short tail), but it gives a nice feel to the otherwise uninteresting top of the page.

Every now and then I plan to change images, for no apparent reason other than it will please me to do so.

Take care!


New website toys

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Well, I’m busily putting in some new toys in the website rec room – things like this blog and the snappy new “gallery” at Random Gallery.

If any of you folks want to take a look at the gallery, you’re welcome to – there are some failed images in there that I haven’t weeded out yet, and the whole thing is amazingly, uh, “random.”

Oh! Comments on this blog-like-thing are welcome, too, but I’m still figuring out how to turn on commenting for others, and until I do, the only choice is to drop me an e-mail.

Until next time, take care,

I came into this world cold, naked, and hungry, things really aren’t bad now I guess …